Monday, March 14, 2011

The Shiraz Group

Well, I just received a lovely comment from one of our dinner buddies on the Cruise.  (How did she find me? - Still not sure how this blog thing works!)  Anyway, she reminded me of our wonderful time together - which would only have been slightly better had they had a certain bottle of Shiraz on the ship!  Those that were there, know what I mean!  Anyway those little napkin animals, "almost" made up for the lack of the Shiraz!  Don't you think so, Lois?  Scroll down for the photo!


  1. By little napkin animals, are you speaking about the cute one in white on the far front right, with the auburn hair and mischievous smile? Great photo! So how did you manage to arrange your blog to accommodate the oversized photo, Shona? Fantastic job!

  2. Well you'll never know how I did that - because I have no "beeping" idea how I did that!! I told you - ignorance is bliss! Oh, and btw, the cute one with the auburn hair is smiling, because she is on the lap of the cute waiter!!

  3. Well, I wondered if that was why the smile was so broad, but I didn't want to hint about it. Just waited for YOU to say something. He looks pretty happy, too! :-)


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