Monday, August 22, 2011

Coffee with a Twist!!

With all the new fancy coffee machines that are now out on the market, are you one of those, looking around and saying "So now what will I do with those left-over coffee filters?"  Well, if you are, apart from being great embossing powder catchers, while embossing, I've found an even more "fun" way to use them!

  JUST EMBOSS THEM .... then make pretty flowers out of them!!!!  And yes, it's just that easy!

For my first set of flowers, I went with fall colors:

Sparkle N Sprinkle Embossing Powders:

Bronze Rose (EP335)
Gold Coast (EP364)
Frosted Juniper (EP406)

Start by flattening out a coffee filter, it doesn't have to be totally flat, as the creases etc., add more texture to the end result.  Using a well-inked Versamark pad, ink up the coffee filter.

Then sprinkling on one of the EP's at a time, returning each of them to the jar between colors,  totally cover the filter in three (or more embossing powders).

So I started with Bronze Rose, then added the Gold Coast (remembering to put each back in their jar before adding the next color). 

Then I covered the entire filter with the last color, which in this case was Frosted Juniper.  It will stick to the Versamark where there was no powder before.

Then heat emboss for a lovely shimmery look.  (The back will look like wax paper).


     Now isn't that pretty???

Place the filter shiny side up on top of the cutting side of the Grand Calibur Plate.  

Using Spellbinders Rose Creations, place the die cuts, cutting side down on the cutting plate of the Grand Calibur.  Then place the base plate upside down on top, and pass the sandwich through the machine.

Turn over the whole sandwich,  take off the cutting plate and then place the embossing mat and plate over the flowers, and pass through the Grand Calibur to emboss them.

Use a needle to coax the flowers out from the dies.  They will pop out easily!  Note how they feel like wax paper!

Slip a gold brad through the five layers, turning each petal a little, so that they fill in the spaces.  Repeat the last four steps, as many times as you want, to make a bouquet of flowers!!

As you can see, I added a couple of punched-out flowers in the bouquet too!!  So if you don't have the Grand Calibur and flower dies - then just use punches!

Use the needle to punch a hole through the center of each layer and add a brad to make a pretty side-kick for the lovely roses. 

I used the above colored flowers in the Sparkle N Sprinkle Autumn Inspirations Blog Hop, so tune in, on Thursday the 25th of August, to see how the card turned out!

Of course, I couldn't just stop there for the tutorial, how about these colors for another "fall" look!!
For the flowers in this card I used Tequila Sunrise (EP239), Verdigris (EP318) and Fall Fiesta (EP148).


For a more springy, summery look, of course you just need to change your embossing powder colors:

Here I chose to use:

Kiwi Fruit (EP401)
Melon Twist (EP402)
Spring Willow (EP388)

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on Coffee Filter Flowers!  Now go pour a cup  of your favorite brew, and have a try at making your own!!  Remember to check back on Thursday, to see what I did with the first set of flowers!


  1. What a neat idea! Those flowers look so beautiful...Clever, clever you!

  2. I have to tell you that I just left the shop and saw this on a card and they are beautiful. Great job.

  3. What a great use of the filters. The flowers are very pretty.

  4. Love the flowers, so shiny! And the butterfuly card is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the tut!

  5. Thanks for the coffee filter tecknique. The flowers look like mother of pearl. Beautiful.


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