Friday, April 12, 2013


Why does life always get in the way of stamping?  I've had a crazy two weeks, so I raised my hands and said forget even going up to the stamping room since last Thursday!  

It started with a girlfriend coming in for an overnight a week past Tuesday.  She left on Wednesday, then it was straight to the High School musical (Legally Blonde) rehearsal to take photos, and again on Thursday and Friday.  Friday evening old friends came in from Washington DC, they were staying 'till Sunday.  

Calum, our youngest had three soccer games over the weekend - the first of which was at 8 am on Saturday!  Then the next was at 11.30.  Gillian, our daughter, in the meantime had to be at school at 6.15am, as they were getting bussed to a rehearsal in the city, as she was rehearsing with the High School for a concert  at Carnegie Hall on Monday night!  

Saturday night ended up being late and Calum had his third game at 8 am on Sunday morning!  I ended up missing that one, as I was concerned I wouldn't get back in time to make my 11am appointment, which was to chaperone the choir in the city.  We finally got home at 8.30pm, exhausted, and went to bed.  I had offered to chaperone Monday also, so it was another 11am start from school, and with the performance, which was amazing, starting at 8 pm - they sang the Durufle Requiem, we pulled in to the school parking lot at 12.15am.  

Here's Gillian (center), singing at Carnegie Hall:

Tuesday, I spent the day going through the photos.  I had previously done the headshots, so I just had to pick out some of the best of the shots I had taken over the past week, to put up on the action shots poster boards.  Wednesday afternoon was the dress rehearsal that they do for the local Seniors. I recorded the performance, and took the last of my photos (463) making a total of 2081!  (Oh my God, oh my God - you Guys!)  The last four musicals we've created a DVD with 800+ pictures, set to the music of the show.  The kids love to have the memories! 

Here's Gillian (center) in the musical:

Yesterday afternoon I went up to the church to survey the grounds - I'm in charge of the landscaping for the church, and we are having our Spring Clean-Up on Saturday morning, yes I know - who scheduled that right in the middle of the musical?  You guessed it - me!

So last night was Opening Night and the show went great. Today, I'm catching up with everything that has not been done since last Monday and getting ready for my 8am start up at the church tomorrow!

Knowing how crazy things were going to be, I had got ahead in most of my stamping stuff and plan to dedicate next week to catching up with that.  So, in the meantime let me share a couple of ATCs that I did a couple of weeks ago.  

They are so much fun to make!  Details?  Still staying with the sun and beach idea, here is the second one:

Aren't Mudd Puddles cool?  You can find the ingredients for this one right here!

OK, that's it from me for today.  Got to go and make up my to-do list for tomorrow.  I hope to post again next week.  



  1. Great photographs! Your daughter is lovely. I know you will be glad to wind down soon. Your ATCs are wonderful!

  2. A wonderful blog post, Shona! Loved seeing the photos and hearing about all your activities. You are, as always, so busy! Isn't life the best ever? Your two ATCs look marvelous - one full of warmth and sand, the other cooling off in the ocean. Thanks for sharing your life, and your artwork! hugs, de

  3. Wow, lots going on, but lots of great memories to go with it. Great photos and your daughter is gorgeous! Love the ATCs and the Mudd Puddles are a great addition. Need to get some soon.

  4. Oh my gosh Shona - 1000+ photos?! That SO sounds like something I would do LOL! That's the creative bug FOR SURE! I can just image how much the kids LOVE & appreciate the final presentation though!!

    Hope you're able to catch your breath sometime soon. But glad you're enjoying so much time with family and friends! That's what life is about!!

    Great ATC's too! The sun is positively blazing with sparkle and the sea one perfectly captures the colors and rolling of the waves!

  5. You made me tired just reading about your life. I so remember those days - so exciting and exhausting. Thanks for sharing your life and the sweet ATC's.

  6. Wonderful pics of your daughter, Shona! What an exciting time for her! Your sparkling ATC's are wonderful!


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