Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Well, we were warned they were coming!  I got back from taking Gillian up to the school bus this morning and came back and took a closer look!!!

"Yep, That's what I thought it was!"  YUCK!!!!!!

Oh sorry, what was that, ..... you want a closer look?  OK, here you go!

Look at the googly eyes!!

Now, have a look at that tree trunk!

.... and remember the Prom pictures are being taken in this yard in 10 more days!  

(Since posting this, I've had a few questions as to what they are.  If you want the quick synopsis, here it is.  They are the 17 year Cicadas.  Yes, the very same thing happened seventeen years ago.  My Dad will attest to that!  While we were building the patio out back they would land on his shoulders and "scream" in his ears!!  Fortunately, all they do is come out of the ground, crawl out of that shell thing and then find someone (another Cicada) to mate with.  Then they die!  What a life, right!)

Well, apart from making me feel a little bit grossed out and itchy, it did get me in the mood for making a "bug" card.

Now isn't this more acceptable?

OK, excuse me, I'm off to sweep thousands of carcasses from the driveway!

'Till next time,



  1. Just love the cute bugs on your card, but not so much those on tree lol.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Cute bug card but so glad those cicadas aren't down here. Hope they don't stay too long.

  3. awwwwwwwwww yuk!!! What on earth are they Shona? I need Mr Google lol
    Love the card though, cute as a bug in a rug lol
    Anne x

  4. Ewwwwww!!!! Love the card but not the bugs on the tree...thankfully we don't have any hear...looked up on Mr. Google and it seems there is an infestation of them...lucky u!LOL! Luckily they don't bite only mate!!LOL! Hopefully they won't mistake your arm for a mate!

  5. They are so gross! But the card is adorable :)

  6. I love that you made a bug card! It's so cute! But those real ones...I'm so sorry! :)

  7. Wow! I have heard about them but never knew anyone personally who has "enjoyed the experience". Can I touch you? LOL Seriously, thanks for sharing the photos AND the close-ups - they are only gross in real life. The photos are fantastically interesting. Glad they are on your driveway and not mine.We just finished our first session of "love bugs". The next one will be in September. They come out by the hundreds of thousands every May and September for about 3 weeks. I have to say your card is absolutely INSPIRED right down to the googly eyes. hehe - cute CUTE card, Shona! love you, de

  8. Oh Shona, I hate those things!! We get them here and I can remember having a convertible with the top down and driving thru them.Gross. I have gone thru 3 "seasons" of these things.Next brood is expected here in 2024, can't wait!! (BTW my cats love to eat them, high in protein.) Great inspiration for your card though. It's really cute.Those buggy eyes on your card are like the real ones. LOL

  9. Ewwwww! Glad we don't have that problem here in Pa, you just keep them all over there! But your card is adorable, don't know many people who get inspired to make a cute card by cicadas!

  10. Just love the hot pink and lime green bug card!!! Too cute. I remember having the cicadas overrun the place years ago when I lived in Dallas!!! Yuck!!!


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