Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hi there,

Well it's been a whirlwind for me the last couple of weeks - you know the old saying when it rains - it pours.

I knew I had two weeks of Musical Camps up at the church, for which I was to make a slide show for each week.  In the middle of the second week, the choir kids (all three of ours) sang the National Anthem and God Bless America at the local minor league baseball game on Wednesday, which meant I housed 4 extras (including the old Choir Director) that very late night!!  Need I say more?  Thank goodness that only happens once a year!  

Then David was out of town for the next two days, which was when the water tank gave out!  This weekend was spent fixing the water tank, trying to get caught up, including gutting out the dishwasher, which was totally clogged.  But we think we actually fixed it!  Time will tell!

Tomorrow starts Hand Bell Camp for the two younger ones and Struan the oldest, who just returned from climbing Mount Washington in New Hampshire last night at 2am, will be helping the beginning of tearing down the two bathrooms upstairs, we are about to renovate!!  I never want to go forward in time, as I know how precious time is, but this morning taking a shower before church, I wished it was a month from now, so I didn't have to go through the dust and aggravation and (new problems) of what is about to happen!

So anyway, that's why you haven't heard from me in a while!  So without further ado here is a Happy 25th Anniversary Card, which I did I while ago, but have never gotten around to posting! 

This is the card closed - or as close to closed as it could be! (Try saying that three times fast!)

Then we open it up:

.... and here it is from the top:

All the directions can be found right here in the Sparkle N Sprinkle Gallery.

I hope that you can see the glittery goodness of the Cloud Nine Glitter which has been colored on top with colored pencils!  There are a few different tutorials on how to do this in the SNS Tips and Techniques section. For this particular card I used StazOn black and watercolor pencils.

That's it for tonight, I'll be back soon,



  1. Shona, awesome card!! I might have to try that!! Hope your life gets less hectic soon. LOL

  2. You have been busy. Your card is fabulous! Love all the glitter and this is the prettiest card in this design that I've seen - by far.

  3. So beautiful - love the pale pink against the black - a very special anniversary card

  4. Love the shaped card - I haven't made one of those yet. And the colors are so elegant for an anniversary! Gorgeous!

  5. Shona, this is beautiful! I love the fold. Great job!

  6. oooo la la, Shona! This is beautiful! (thanks for all the photos to show how the card opens). It looks so black tie! At least I know you can survive catastrophe after catastrophe, and still do normal daily stuff in between. You wear a mask and cape, right? And leap from tall buildings in a single bound? Thank you for sharing your elegant, sparkling, beautiful card! hugs, de

  7. Oh, I don't envy you the bathroom remodels but hopefully they go smoothly for you. Gorgeous card, that coloring on glitter is such a soft and lovely effect.


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