Monday, March 5, 2012


You haven't heard much from me over the past two weeks, as I've been up to my eyes in the High School production of Godspell.  I volunteer to do all the photography for the shows, and then we put together a photo slide show along to the music from the show.  That will be the job for this week, but at least I can think about getting back to stamping (hopefully tomorrow!).  The house has been neglected too - so, I'll be dealing with that today!

The show went really well - rave reviews from all.  It was the last school performance for my son, along with seven other Seniors, so the Saturday night (last) performance was especially teary!  When I'm done with the slide show I hope to put it up on my blog.  For now I can share a couple of photos of them and two of the songs they sung in the show - note that Struan is still wearing his sling (broken collarbone injury)!  They even worked that into the show!

Gillian in the foreground

Will be back soon with a stamping post!


  1. This makes me nostalgic as I did theater as well! Didn't he know that the phrase is "Break a Leg?" (wink!) Great post!

  2. Great photos! Sounds like so much fun!

  3. What a fantastic photographer you are! It's fun sharing in your family life, Shona. Your children are as adorable as you are.

  4. Your pics are great and thanks for sharing the photos. I am looking forward to more.


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