Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I had just returned home from a lovely dinner with two of my dear girl friends - look what awaited me:

This is the night-blooming Cereus plant.  

I was given a cutting of this unusual guy from dear friends that have since moved down to Tennessee from Pennsylvania.  I have kept them updated on the growth of our unusual "pet", including the long   branch that grew and grew and has finally shot out a couple of new leaves.  You can see this "growth" in this photo:

Bob told me that you will know when it is going to bloom, but I really expected this to have happened last week, as the "pod" was getting bigger and bigger and I really had no idea how much bigger it was going to get!!

This morning at 11.55am, it was looking like it might be going to do something soon.  So I took another photo (just in case):

... and 9 hours later:

How big is this flower?  Here it is - in relation to Calum's head!:

Isn't mother nature wonderful?

.... unfortunately, we've been warned that the flower will only last for tonight.  The beautiful perfume, which I assume in the wild would attract night-time pollinators, will not be present by the morning. We'll just have to wait again for the next exquisite emergence.

What a difference a day makes?

Try just 10 hours!

Well, I guess I have to go to bed.  Just wanted to share my little bit of joy for the day!

'Till next time,



  1. Shona, I have never heard of this plant. It is so spectacular, too bad it's a one day event!! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous creation.

  2. Shona this is spectacular and so is your photography! Great example beside Calum's head. Isn't nature fascinating?

  3. Wow, that is really awesome. Some of nature's most beautiful things only get one day....glad we get more.

  4. I've never seen a plant like that. That bloom is not only gorgeous, but it's huge. Hope you get another bloom soon. Thanks for sharing the photots.

  5. OH wow, what a unique plant. Nature at its best.
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  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wowser! LOVE LOVE LOVE this write up and your photos, Shona. I've never seen anything like the plant (which seems to need a lot of elbow room) and the amazing bloom, which feels it only needs to show itself once in a blue moon! WOW! Thank you for sharing your joy! xoxoxox

  8. Wow!! That is a gorgeous amazing flower!! It is just stunning!

  9. that's patience but sooo worth it! That bloom is stunning and you captured it beautifully!!


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