Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi everyone!

I've been noticing lately that a few of my blogging pals have been sharing their home renovation projects. Some are still in the throws of their projects, others are lucky enough to be done with them! I'm so happy to say that I am now one of the latter! 

Our story started with a little water leaking down into the front hallway. Hmmmm? You know how things go - one little thing leads to another (usually much bigger!). The bathrooms upstairs were the originals, and ten years ago we had changed out the sink, vanity and toilet in the master bathroom. The kids' hall bathroom was untouched and was awful, and has been on the to-do-list for a long while. The leak helped speed up the project commencement and of course while the plumbers were in redoing the piping, we decided to knock through the wall and do the master bathroom at the same time.

I'll try to make it brief, though I have hundreds of photos. 

So, here is the first reason for the demolition!

Here is the second: (that's where we looked for the leak - unsuccessfully).

Really attractive right?  Turns out when we did the demolition it was the original - from 1962!  We have the newspaper that came out from behind the walls! (The newspaper was from 1961!)

OK, so let's see how this one looks now:

I did this cute little collage with a clock in the middle of the kids when they were little (just took some of the older photos and had them printed in sepia). I thought it tied in nicely with the rubbed bronze fixtures!

Our master bathroom, though small, was not in quite as bad shape, or so we thought!

When we got to the old shower pan pull up, we found a colony of carpenter ants:

Our pest control guys, arrived in less than an hour to take care of that problem. 

... and so here is the finished product:

My favorite part (besides the rain shower) is the little niche to hold our toothbrushes and David's razor.

OK, so the question of the day is: There was one stamping utensil used in the renovations? 

Can you guess what it was?

One clue .... it was only used in the master bathroom.

.... and the answer is:

Yep, you guessed it - the handy, dandy brayer!! 

Hope you've enjoyed a little peek at our latest home project.

I'll be back on Saturday with the Sparkle N Sprinkle March 1st Reveal, hope you'll stop back then.




  1. Looks great, Shona! I think every home renovation ends up growing, no matter how small it starts. You just never know what you'll find behind the walls.

    And yes, the handy dandy brayer is extremely handy in all sorts of situations!

  2. Looks amazing. I love the tile you picked out.....you can come redo my master is is in a real need for updating.

  3. Beautiful designs ! Wow ! Beautiful colors , and the tile is perfect !!


  4. The "afters" look fabulous!! I know you're glad it's finished. I love that rubbed bronze color (and want the rain shower head) :-)

  5. Awesome transformations Shona. Just love the clock with the children"s pics around it. Enjoy your new bathrooms.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  6. Gorgeous reno - Love love love the tile work!!! The clock with the children's photos is wonderful....

  7. Gracious, you had a lot of work to do. I can just imagine your chagrin at finding the carpenter ants. Good thing you discovered those little critters...they can do some bad damage. Your new rooms look so elegant. Love the tile and that niche is a super idea. Very designer looking too! You all did a marvelous renovation and I bet you smile each time you walk into either room. Loved too, the picture collage! TFS & Hugs

  8. Shona, these are just gorgeous! I would say definitely worth the wait! Now I want to go and rip mine out!

  9. Wow , somethimes it is good to have a leak, than something fantastic comes out of it!!! Our bathroom is a bit like yours in 1962 perhaps, when I see the result of your bathroom now , I wouldn't mind to have a leak in the future too!!!It is really gorgeous now Shona, I'm a bit yellous!!WoW!!!


  10. Oh, Shona! So glad you took the before and after photos! Wow! how artsy your bathroom is! Love the arrangement and shapes of the tiles in the shower, and against the wall. Your choice of colors is very peaceful, isn't it? I wondered where all the clutter went from the vanity corner, and say that you had that great shelves put in the shower! GREAT IDEA! The white flowers up on the top shelf are a lovely contrast against the rich paint - and your sconses look great! Wonderful job with the collage photo of your children (esp over the toilet since that is where they did their potty training - oh who said that! - but now you'll think of it when you see it LOL)

    Yikes! Carpenter ants! We detest them! They are everywhere, and I hate when they get into the house! Good thing you found them! OH MY! your shower looks like a piece of art with the interesting tile shapes flowing into the ceiling! So pretty (and clean LOL) The niche looks perfect, and what a GREAT idea! (we actually hid our outlet behind a drawer and my toothbrush and hair blower are now plugged in permanently in the drawer! When we redo the guest bath, I'm going to suggest the niche like yours! Hahaha! Isn't it funny that the guys end up using our "tiny" paper crafting tools for projects?

    Thank you for sharing your awesome transformations! LOVE what you both have done, and the amount of work involved. AND you did it yourselves! How proud you should be.



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