Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beautiful backgrounds made with Flocking and embossing folders

Dry Embossed Flocking Techniques

1. Cut a piece of Super Adhesive Sheet (SAS02) to 5.25" x 4". Remove Protective Backing and apply to cardstock. Trim off edges of extra cardstock (easier than trying to apply directly to same size piece of cardstock).

2a. Remove second protective backing (you can save these backings to cut borders and bunch shapes to be used in future projects) and apply flocking.

2b. Burnish the flocking very well with your finger.

3. Ink the inside of the embossing folder.

4a. Place flocked side face up on other side of folder, and...

4b. Close the inked side of the embossing folder on top of the flocked side.

5a. Run through embossing machine, then take out your flocked background.

5b. Wipe excess ink from folder.

Sample using bamboo embossing folder. Super Adhesive Sheet, Palm Leaf Flocking, Memento Rich Cocoa ink

Animal theme background. Super Adhesive Sheet, Snow White Flocking, Memento Tuxedo Black ink.

This method can also be done using STICKER PAPER (#99558).

The end result is a bit different because sticker paper only has sticky on one side, causing it have a white background, whereas the super adhesive sheets are colorless and transparent, so the color of the cardstock shows through a little, under the flocking. (Prepare your card base by gluing on the Sticker Paper with the protective covering side up. Tear-ific Tape may also be used to adhere the Sticker Paper. When ready to apply flocking, peel off the protective layer).

I have created two samples using the same colors of Flocking and Ink - the first uses Super Adhesive Sheets, the second uses Sticker Paper.
9a. Adhere Super Adhesive Sheet on yellow cardstock. and flocked with Sun Dazzle and folder is inked with Memento Lady Bug Ink.

9b. Flock with Sun Dazzle Sparkle N Soft and prepare embossing folder with Memento Lady Bug Ink.

9c. Finished panel.

10a.  Using Sticker Paper, adhere unsticky part to cardstock, leaving a white sticky-back panel exposed when the protective layer is removed.

10b. Ink embossing folder on one side and place flocked side up facing the ink.

10c. Same pretty effect, but lighter background because flocking powders are semi-opaque, allowing the white background to show through.

9d and 10d. Compare the two panels - Super Adhesive Sheets on the left, and Sticker Paper on the right.


1. Flocking can be applied to colored cardstock for an even more opaque look, if necessary.

2. If you are working with more than one color of flocking, you should start with the lightest color.

3. Use a dye-based ink on the folder.  Just wipe ink off with wet cloth (no need for any cleaners or soap).

4. Remember there are two options for each folder - the results differ depending on the side the folder is inked.

Animal Print using 2 colors of flocking: Super Adhesive Sheet, Snow White and Amber Wheat Flocking and Espresso Truffle Ink.


  1. Great tutorial, Shona! I especially like the comparison of the 2 adhesives, and the two-tone effect when more than one flocking color is used! thank you for photographing and explaining this in such a way that even I can grasp! hugs, de

  2. awesome tutorial, Shona.... lots of photos for the instructional challenged folks :)

  3. Shona, great tutorial. It was interesting to see the difference in the finished looks in your comparisons.

  4. Fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous in one) tutorial Shona! Love this technique.

  5. What a wonderful tutorial !! Thank you , thank you !! I can not wait to try this technique !


  6. WOnderful tutorial !I will surly keep this tips in mind when using flocking,Comparison you have shown make it even easier to understand ! Thanks Shona.

  7. Shona, I kept coming back to your blog - seeing this most informative tutorial - which I really needed! I was behind on commenting (yet again) so realized I didn't have time to read through as thoroughly as I needed to do. Finally had a chance this morning to slow down and read it well. Thank you so much for doing this, showing the pictures, as this is a gorgeous technique and your instructions are detailed to the extant that I really need. Now just need some time to go do this as I had bought some flocking at SnS on my last trip. (and glitters!) I really, really loved that Panda card you did. Hope NJ's weather is a bit nicer today. Hugs

  8. Wonderful tutorial and step by steps instructions. I must try this. TFS
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  9. Smarty pants or what? Shona these are all brilliant. I'd never have thought to use flock or glitter in this way.
    Anne x

  10. Very cool! I especially love this idea for the animal print themes.

    Best crafty wishes!
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  11. Fantastic tutorial. Thank you for sharing!


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