Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trash Can Hooligans?

I went out this morning to throw out the trash, I feel so bad!  (Sorry, I can't get that picture to rotate to the way it was taken!)

Some poor little racoon (or something) was trying to get in to the can the hard way!  In fact I don't know what it would have been - because the weight of a racoon would probably have made the empty trash can fall over?!

The unfortunate thing was - that there was a full can right next to this one!  Maybe it was one of the not-so-smart bunch!

It's amazing what happens to a brain, when it's cold!  

Still waiting for power!

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  1. :-( the critters have likely lost habitat and food sources from the storm and early winter. I feel for them, but we sure cannot encourage them by feeding them - too bad we couldn't feed them, and they not remain wild around us. hope the power is restored soon. I thought today was the 8th all day. Now I feel badly because the 9th is 2 days away for you.


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